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Tone Nirvana, Michael Püttmann
Albrechtstrasse 26, 80636 Munich, Germany
phone  +49 (0)89 45815614
hours  Tuesday - Friday 12:00-19:00, Saturday 10:00-14:00

Tone Nirvana is devoted to helping guitar and bass players get the tones they desire out of equipment that inspires and does not let them down.

* electric guitars, basses, amps, effects & accessories
* vintage, boutique & quality pre-owned
* buy, sell, trade & consign
* full service for instruments & tube-amps
* specializing in top notch restoration & pro-grade optimization
* custom pedalboards & looper/switching systems
* rigs & tone systems

Bis auf weiteres gilt bei Tone Nirvana die 2G-Regel, also Einlass nur für Geimpfte und Genesene gegen Nachweis und mit FFP2-Masken, und dies nur bis maximal 4 Kunden gleichzeitig. Bleibt umsichtig und gesund!

Until further notice, the 2G rule applies at Tone Nirvana, so admission only for vaccinated and recovered against proof and with FFP2 masks, and this only up to a maximum of 4 customers at the same time. Stay prudent and healthy!


  • In stock: light & resonant Heritage Custom Core H-150, Dirty Lemon (Burst-style)
  • Schwarz Custom Guitars:
    ON ORDER For 2022: 4 x Cardinal TN Premium & Platinum, 4 x St. Helens TN Premium & Platinum
  • Tandler Guitars:
    - In stock: Mintage '61 TN Vintage, Sunburst, Custom Kloppmann
      TN Set
    - Coming soon: Beauty Goldtop (aged '57 LP-style), Custom Kloppmann
      TN Set
  • Grand Guitars & Basses 1/2022, including Püttmanns Tone Nirvana (Michael's regular column), portrait of Richie Arndt's 1977 Hiwatt Custom DR 103 and interview with Richie about his new/old amp that was overhauled by Michael