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Aus einem prima geschriebenen Artikel in Premier Guitar:

"AMP (Amplified Music Products) was founded in 1981 in Chatsworth, California, with Russ Allee listed as president. Before AMP, Allee earned his reputation while working for the Acoustic Control Corporation, where he designed the Acoustic 360 and 370 series of bass amplifiers. After forming AMP, he had another former Acoustic Control Corporation employee, Steve Rabe, design the preamp for the AMP 420 bass heads.
Rabe left AMP around 1984 to start his own company, SWR Engineering, where he continued to develop and produce bass amplifiers. Allee stayed on with AMP until the company folded in 1988. Gibson reportedly bought AMP soon after, and began offering the “new” GB-440 bass amp that was nearly identical to the AMP Model 420. (While this is unverified, the story goes Allee either designed Gibson’s GB-440 or Gibson simply used Allee’s model 420 and called it the GB-440.)
Allee went on to work with David Nordschow of Eden Electronics to develop the Eden World Tour Series of bass amps. It’s no surprise that the AMP 420, SWR SM-400, Eden WT-800, and Gibson GB-440 are very similar in design and appearance—but most users agree that each amp sounds different, and each possesses varying pros and cons.
The BH-220 is a variant of AMP’s original BH-420, but has less power and fewer features. Specifications include a 240- watt output at 4 Ω (150 watts at 8 Ω), solid-state preamp and power sections, a Volume control, a Tonal Balance control, an Enhance switch, two inputs, a power-amp input jack, two speaker outputs, a headphone jack, an effects loop, a 5-band EQ section, a balanced direct pre-EQ XLR jack, and a post-EQ line out.

Most contributors in the online discussion forums agree that the AMPs are great sounding amplifiers, and are often given more accolades than their SWR and Eden counterparts."

Dieses Rig aus BH-220 Head und passender 2 x 15" Box wurde gespielt, ist aber gut erhalten und funktioniert vor allem problemlos. Natürlich gibt es heute kleinere und leichtere Bass-Anlagen mit vergleichbarer Leistung bzw. Belastbarkeit. Der Wiedergabe tiefer Töne sind aber bei kleinen Boxen physische Grenzen gesetzt, und diese Kombination klingt richtig gut.

€ 1.000 *

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