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* guitars, basses, amps, effects & accessories
* vintage, boutique & quality pre-owned
* full service for instruments & amps
* specializing in top notch restoration & pro-grade optimization
* pedalboards, effect racks & looper/switching systems
* tone coaching

"To me, guitars aren’t investments as in money;
they’re investments in tone."
                                 Kenny Wayne Shepherd


  • Recommended Concerts:
    - Doyle Bramhall II, Garage deluxe, Munich, Monday, May 15th,
      20:00, more European tour dates at www.lowtonemusic.com
    -Stevie Winwood & Magpie Salute (Ex-Black Crowes incl. Rich
      Robinson), Tollwood, Munich, Wednesday, July 12th, 19:00
    - Christian Schwarzbach & Band, Alfonsos, Munich, May 31st, 21:00
  • Latest Arrivals:
    - 2015 K-Line San Barnardino Special, Lefty!!!, Black, P90ies
    - 2014 Marshall JVM410 Silver Jubilee CS Halfstack Ltd. Ed.
    - 2000s Bruno Underground 30 Head
    - 2010s Gladius AV45 & 2 x 12" Cabinet
  • - Tone Nirvana Custom Guitars
      Various instruments in the showroom and more getting finished.
    Hand-made enhanced vintage-style T-style & S-style models
      - Inspired by our long-year deep appreciation for and intense
        experience with the best Vintage Fender instruments
      - Made to order US bodies & necks (some with legal Rosewood
        from Brazil & real Clay Dots), hand-picked & matched 
      -Hand-wound custom-order Amalfitano pickups from Texas
        (excl. dealer D-AT-CH)
      - Hardware & Plastic Parts by Callaham, CRL CentraLab, Crazy
        Parts, CTS, Fender, Glendale etc.
      - Special wirings w/ tested & matched vintage taper
        potentiometers and PIO or Film-Foil Tone Caps (various options)
  • Schwarz Guitars, D
    Exclusive Tone Nirvana editions of vintage Burst-style & Dot-
    style guitars developed with and built by luthier Gerhard
    Schwarz with the incredible '58 Tone Nirvana Set (tweaked
    PAF-style) developed in cooperation with Amber Pickups
    - 2 x St. Helens TN Burtst-style Schwarz guitars in stock
    - Cardinal TN w/CITES certified Brazilian RW board +
       special vintage-authentic specs to arrive in Q2/2017
  • Grand Guitars 3/2017 (see Germany's leading high-end guitar magazine online here), including the following articles by Michael:
    - 1968 Gibson ES-330TDC Standard Scale
    - Schindehütte SemiBird Korina
    - Doyle Bramhall II - Finally Rich (interview)
    - Püttmanns Tone Nirvana (Michael's regular column):
      Doyle Bramhall II - Rich Man Gear & Sounds
  • Bass Quaterly 2/2017 in the shop (see it online here), Grand Guitars' sister magazine for serious bass players
  • Tools4Music 2/2017 in the shop, Grand Guitars' great sister magazine for Recording & P.A., see it here
  • Gitarre & Bass May 2017 in the store