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Tone Nirvana, Michael Püttmann
Albrechtstrasse 26, 80636 Munich, Germany
phone  +49 (0)89 45815614
hours  Tuesday - Friday 12:00-19:00, Saturday 10:00-14:00

Tone Nirvana is devoted to helping guitar and bass players get the tones they desire out of equipment that inspires and does not let them down.

* electric guitars, basses, amps, effects & accessories
* vintage, boutique & quality pre-owned
* buy, sell, trade & consign
* full service for instruments & tube-amps
* specializing in top notch restoration & pro-grade optimization
* custom pedalboards & looper/switching systems
* rigs & tone systems


  • New album by our friend Kai Strauss: In My Prime. Classy traditional electric blues with a great horn section. Official videos here and there. Check out Kai's youtube channel for some cool blues licks.
  • New album by our friend Henrik Freischlader "Missing Pieces" out; here is the trailer.
  • Just In:
    - Heritage H-535 Original Sunburst und Natural
    - Baker B1, Sunburst, Flamed Top, 2002, only 800 built by Master
      Builder Gene Baker
    - Teye Gipsy Queen, See-Through Blonde, 2011/2012 (early),
      4 Single Coils
  • Back in stock: Greer Lightspeed - killer low gain overdrive
  • New: 1997 Matchless Chieftain Head, Black, Sampson Era!!!
  • Special Discounts On Komet Songwriter 30 & AmbiKab!!!
  • Back in stock & new: King Tone Pedals (Duellist, new Octaland, MiniFuzz Germanium & Silicon, new Soloist Black; Blues Power & Battery Box to arrive in late November
  • Schwarz Custom Guitars:
    IN STOCK: 2 x St. Helens TN Platinum & 2 St. Helens TN Premium,
    all with CITES certified Brazilian Rosewood boards
    ON ORDER: more Cardinal TN Premium, '59 Dot Inlay style,
    CITES certified Brazilian Rosewood board, estimated arrival in early 2021
  • Tandler Guitars Mintage '61 Sunburst(aged S-style) & Beauty Goldtop (aged '57 LP-style) with Custom Kloppmann TN Sets; Mintage to arrive in the first week of 2021, - two more on order